Cyclades Trail Cup
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The Cyclades Trail Cup was established as an umbrella for the efforts of individual organizers in the Cyclades, for the creation of a series of trail running races with a common vision. The objective of the races is to promote the location in which they are held, and develop sports tourism as a whole. In year 2017, the Cyclades Trail Cup already includes six races, in Naxos, Amorgos, Syros, Andros, Donousa and Tinos.

Naxos Trail Race

Sunday 30th April 2017

Main event: 25km +1000m

Secondary event: 10,8km +500m

Syros City Trail

Saturday 2 September 2017

Main event: 10km 5.000 steps

Secondary event: 4km 1.800 steps

Amorgos Trail Challenge

Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 September 2017

Main event: Spike & 18km +1000m

Secondary event: 7,5km +425m

Andros Trail Race

Sunday 1 October 2017

Main event: 24km +1550m

Secondary event: 10km +500m

Donousa Mountain Run

Saturday 28 October 2017

Main event: 15km +730m

Secondary event: 3,5km +110m

Tinos Challenge

Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 December 2017

Main event: Vertical & 20km +1000m 

Secondary event: 5km +250m

Regulation & Point System

Regulations and Point System

In order to participate in the Cyclades Trail Cup Championship you need to finish 4 out of 6 races. The championship begins on 1st January and ends on 31st December. If a race has more than one course, the point system will only count for its main event.

Points will be awarded to the first 75 finishers of men and 75 finishers of women. The point system goes as followed: 


The 1st finisher receives 100 points

The 2nd finisher receives 90 points

The 3rd finisher receives 82 points

The 4th finisher receives 76 points

The 5th finisher receives 72 points

The 6th finisher receives 70 points

The 7th finisher receives 69 points

The 8th finisher receives 68 points

The 9th finisher receives 67 points




The 75th finisher receives 1 point


To become the Cyclades Trail Cup Champion you need to collect as many points possible.

*If there are 6 races, you must finish 2/3= 4 races. Only the sum of the best 4 races will count. You can participate in all 6 races but only your best 4 points will count.



Prizes and winners

Champions of the Cyclades Trail Cup will be the 3 first men and women of the all categories. There will also be age categories for men and women as followed: ages 18-28, 29-38, 39-48, 49-58, 59-68 and 69+.